Innovation as a Way of Life

From environmental practices, to industry-specific sanitation and janitorial services, innovation and a solutions-based approach lead the way we do business. Our team of experts will work with you to explore innovative techniques and industry-specific cleaning solutions to provide the advanced cleaning services. 

People-Centric Approach

In an industry that can sometimes overlook its most critical element — its people —ProClean Services takes a different path. We prioritize the well-being, safety, and professional development of our team. By fostering a sense of connection, empowerment, and education, we ensure that every team member feels confident and informed in performing their job. We take pride in empowering our greatest asset: our team. 


Protecting Our World & Our Team

ProClean Services sets new standards when it comes to environmental responsibility. We promote eco-friendly practices, using Eco Logo certified products and environmentally friendly equipment. Our innovative chemical dilution systems ensure both environmental protection and staff safety, eliminating the risk of chemical contact. Regardless of what your specific needs might be, our team will work with you to develop specialized cleaning and janitorial services that are environmentally conscious, using the highest quality eco products. 

Revolutionizing Cleaning in All Spheres

Our commitment to innovation extends to every facet of our work. From using dry stripping machines to eliminate trip hazards to embracing IoT technology and cloud-based solutions, we aim to revolutionize cleaning processes across industries. We work beyond traditional cleaning services to address your specific needs. 


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