Floor Maintenance

At ProClean Services, we’re experts in specialized floor care, catering to both carpeted and hard surface flooring. Our carpet maintenance program is designed to address all aspects of carpet care, from shampoo bonnet to steam cleaning. We recognize that each site has unique needs, and we’re adept at customizing schedules to extend the life of your carpeting, ensuring it remains vibrant and durable.

For areas with high foot traffic, particularly those with hard surface or VCT tiled floors, additional attention is essential. ProClean’s skilled team is well-equipped to handle these demands, offering a range of services including sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, waxing, and buffing. Our approach ensures that these floors not only maintain their attractive appearance but also their longevity and shine.

Our floor maintenance programs are about more than just cleaning; they’re about preserving and enhancing the aesthetic and functional quality of your flooring. Trust ProClean to bring out the best in your floors, keeping them immaculate and impressive, day in and day out.

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